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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

About eLectio Publishing

eLectio Publishing exists to discover and publish works from both new and established authors. The books that we publish are not exclusively by Christian authors, but must adhere to basic decency criteria outlined in our submission guidelines. Our distribution channels for both print versions and eBooks provide our authors with the opportunity to share their books with readers on a global scale.

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, eLectio is not a vanity publisher. We utilize a standard submission process and we only accept manuscripts of high quality which are marketable to a large audience. Works are required to be the original work of the author and not have been previously published, whether online, self-published, or elsewhere, in order to be considered.

Due to the volume of emails received, we will not be able to respond to questions regarding our submission process, as all necessary information for potential authors is contained on our website.

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eLectio Publishing is already home to nearly 200 authors, and you could be our next! We are currently open to unsolicited submissions of full length works (over 25,000 words) of fiction and non-fiction. Read our guidelines carefully before you submit.
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What is eLectio Publishing All About?
We are first and foremost a faith-based publisher...
But there's so much more to eLectio Publishing. We seek to publish the finest books from Christian and non-Christian authors alike. However, our publishing guidelines ensure that the titles that we release do not contain questionable material, and are safe for the entire family. In cases where subject matter is more mature in nature, we clearly mark those titles with an asterisk (*) to notify readers that the title may deal with difficult subject matter young readers.
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  • Are You An Author Looking for a Fantastic Publisher?
  • Check Out All of eLectio Publishing's Titles
  • What is eLectio Publishing All About?
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