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We are first and foremost a Christian publisher. However, we do not necessarily limit our submissions to non-fiction theologically-centered works. We are looking for anything that is generally wholesome in nature, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Our general guidelines are as follows. Please look at our genre-specific guidelines for additional information.


Our preference is that submission files be in Microsoft Word 2003 (or newer) format. For submission purposes, we will accept PDF files, with the understanding that if the manuscript is accepted, we will require a Microsoft Word document for editing, revision, and proofreading.


While we are not terribly picky about the paragraph style (font style and size, line spacing, paragraph spacing), it is much easier to read a manuscript that is in a common font (Courier, Times New Roman, Helvetica, Tahoma are preferred). In addition, if you wish to go above and beyond, please feel free to format paragraphs as follows. While this is not a requirement, an easy-to-read manuscript is likely to get more favorable attention from our  screeners, so we highly suggest taking a few moments to adhere to these suggestions to get the best possible consideration.

Line spacing: Single

Spacing between paragraphs: 6 pt

Indentation: Only if appropriate for the style (such as long excerpts)

First-line indent: 0.25\" or 0.5\"


We only accept full length manuscripts for consideration. Please do not send book proposals, or portions of your work.


We are not out to censor anyone, but we cater to a very specific audience and therefore we are going to be particular about what is and is not allowed in the manuscripts.

  • VIOLENCE: We have no desire to publish manuscripts with gratuitous and graphic scenes of violence. Violence that is a necessary part of the story should be dealt with in a sensitive manner, preferably \"off-screen\" or implied. We do, however, realize that sometimes graphic violence appears in the Bible, and if you absolutely feel that it is necessary, please note that in your submission email. We can be flexible if it is an integral part of the plot.
  • SEXUAL CONTENT: Graphic sexual scenes are strictly prohibited. Discussion of sex is acceptable, as long as it is not gratuitous. Discussion of sexual topics in non-fiction is perfectly acceptable, provided that it is educational and edifying to the reader, as well as being in line with Biblical Christian principles.
  • OBSCENITY & PROFANITY: Profanity (taking the Lord\'s name in vain) is not allowed in any form whatsoever. Obscene language is strongly discouraged, however, direct quotations that include offensive language may be considered if it is critical to the content of the passage in which it is used. If you have any questions regarding what may be considered obscene or profane, please send an email to submissions [at] electiopublishing [dot] com.
  • DRUG, ALCOHOL & ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE USE/ABUSE: Not necessarily discouraged in fiction, but it should be a pertinent part of the plot line or character development. In works of non-fiction, particularly memoirs, true and honest portrayals of drug use and substance abuse are perfectly fine, provided that they are necessary information for the reader.
  • INCENDIARY LANGUAGE & CONTROVERSIAL TOPICS: In today\'s world, there is too much fiery discourse that ultimately accomplishes nothing. We are not interested in publishing works that add to that chorus of angry voices. We seek to promote civil discourse. If you choose to write a manuscript that deals with a sensitive or controversial topic, it is critical that it must be presented in a manner that is not intended to incite anger. Obviously, this cannot be fully avoided in every instance, but we will be quite careful in approving these types of manuscripts.

If there are any questions, the best rule of thumb is this: if you would be embarrassed to let your pastor read it, there is a reasonable possiblity that we will reject it based on non-adherence to our content guidelines.


If you quote scriptures in the manuscript, please make sure that it is clear which translation you are using, either by stating it in the submission email, or noting it in the manuscript. A good way to do so is in the citation, such as \"(John 3:30, NIV).\" Please make sure that you research the requirements for any translation that you use, as some require prior permission or specific statements in the front matter of the book.


We do allow you to submit your manuscript elsewhere. However, if your manuscript is accepted at another publisher, please notify us immediately.


All work must be original, and not have appeared elsewhere.


Without exception, we do not re-publish works that have already been self-published.


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