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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Through Jasper's Eyes: My Weekend on Death Row (Paperback)


Through Jasper's Eyes: My Weekend on Death Row (Paperback) THRJAS-PBK
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AUTHOR: John Lipscomb


Through Jasper’s Eyes follows author John Lipscomb’s journey from the slow suicide of addiction to a life of love and redemption facilitated by a program sponsored by the Catholic Church called Residents Encounter Christ (REC). At his lowest, Lipscomb could never have guessed that God would lead him to death row and the true meaning of his existence.

The story culminates with the most improbable statement from the most improbable of people, Jasper, an inmate on death row. In his eyes were written the pain and sadness of an incredibly hard life, and yet after hearing Lipscomb’s story, he said, “Man, you got the saddest story I ever heard.”

How could that be? The truth seemed so far from Jasper’s statement. Lipscomb would leave the cold isolation of death row that evening and return home to the comfortable life he had built. How could Jasper say such a thing knowing his fate? How could he be so utterly mistaken?

This is the essence of Through Jasper’s Eyes: God’s love is vast, unknowable, and a gift that we receive in the most surprising of places. It is a story filled with pain, hope, inspiration, spirituality, and even a little light-hearted humor.

Release Date:August 28, 2018
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