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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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  • VOYAGE: A MEMOIR OF LOVE, WAR, AND EVER AFTER by Catherine Underhill Fitzpatrick

    A WORLD AT WAR . . .

    A lonely sailor without a sawbuck to spare. A gorgeous socialite on the home front. Letters soaked in longing. Secrets taken to the grave. Easy births. Hard deaths. And dogs —dogs aplenty.

    They say love conquers all, but will bonds forged by Lt. N. Robert Underhill and Miss Merrilee Meier during World War II survive the peaks and valleys of peacetime?

    Across their 58-year-marriage, Bob and Merrilee confront holiday fiascoes and funeral foul-ups, windless regattas and catastrophic tornadoes, a medical crisis and a financial reversal. But rearing six kids is the ultimate test of a love that began with a letter.

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  • GOD'S MONEY MATTERS by Darren Laudenbach


    We all know how to lose weight—simply eat less and exercise more . . . right? It sounds like common sense, yet the weight loss industry makes billions of dollars every year on a plethora of products, tools, services, and so on. The same psychology that is required to help people lose weight applies to getting fit financially. It is a matter of spending much less than you earn and investing the rest—so why aren't we all in good shape financially?

    In this book, you will be empowered with the knowledge to accomplish seven of the most crucial goals from a financial standpoint and God's perspective:

    • Proven ‘mind over money’ techniques that work every time
    • The keys to bringing financial peace and freedom into your home (regardless of what you currently earn)
    • How to say “so what, who cares?” to share market crashes
    • What it takes to retire without market or money worries
    • The real truth about tithes and offerings, and who they are for
    • The “money jar” secrets that ensure a successful outcome
    • How to change your financial family tree for generations to come (intergenerational change)
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    TWO BROTHERS . . .



    Fifteen year old Kai Higgins and his elder brother, Dune, have never dreamed their father was more than a Scottish fisherman. But when he is lost to the deep, leaving behind a mysterious star chart, they set sail across the Moray Firth, following the stars to the unknown.

    In this journey through the legends of the sea, Kai and Dune uncover their late father’s hidden life—a world of trial, ensnaring enchantment, and daring mythological beasts. Will Kai raise a sword with the Clan of Each-Uisge and his newfound love? Will his brother stand by his side no matter what briny fiend comes their way?

    A quest of courage, the Higgins’ legacy rests in their wake.

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    Sometimes the UNTHINKABLE happens!

    When terrorists attack, tornadoes make homes disappear, or hurricanes have communities tumbling like building blocks, our hearts weep for those in need. With insight into a world most people are unaware of, Debbie McKinney brings us along on the true story of her volunteer adventures. Travel with her through both uplifting and emotionally challenging experiences. An engaging, honest, and heartfelt account of bringing hope to people after 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, northern New Jersey flooding, and Hurricane Sandy. Her daily journals provide a unique view behind-the-scenes of what a volunteer does, experiences, and feels.

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  • NORT'S STORIES - GOD'S GLORY by David Cook

    Enter the world of Nort & Anne as they teach their two sons, Sabastien and Fredrick, what it truly means to bring glory to God in everything they do.

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  • UNDER FIRE by Linda Shenton Matchett

    Set in April 1942, Under Fire tells the story of Ruth Brown whose missing sister Jane is declared dead. Convinced her sister is still alive, Ruth follows clues from their small New Hampshire town to war-torn London trying to find her. Discovering that Jane has been murdered results in a faith crisis for Ruth, and she decides she must find Jane's killer. With the help of a German resistance member, Ruth catches the culprit and renews her relationship with God.

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  • ABSOLUTION by Dana K. Ray

    Meet the Luciano Family

    Driven by family loyalty, Antony Luciano takes the blame when his brother accidentally shoots and kills a childhood friend. By protecting Sonny, Antony is stripped of the life he knew, the company he was destined to run, and the woman he loved.

    Sworn to never reveal the truth of that fateful day, the lie catapults Sonny into a life he despises. He transforms the family and their business into one that is legitimate and respectable, but the burning desire in his heart is to find freedom from the sins of his past.

    A man from the old days resurfaces, threatening to reveal their secret and avenge his family. Antony and Sonny are propelled back into a life they've tried to forget. Can Antony put aside his contempt and Sonny his guilt, and join forces to protect those they love?

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    This is a compelling and true testimony that provides profound personal and spiritual insight into the dark and painful world of bipolar disorder. It is a book about survival and offers hope that recovery is possible. It stresses the significance of finding and staying on the right medication, including why it is critical to get help immediately before the illness spirals out of control. It also addresses the emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual costs of living with mental illness, and the toll it takes on everyone involved. It speaks to the frustration, pain, and suffering of the caregivers, and helps them cope with the decline in the mental health of the person suffering, and stresses the importance of and the amazing power of prayer.

    It covers days when Pamela lost her will to live but somewhere deep down had a little fight left in her. It documents her amazing and courageous ability to rise above her dire circumstances to begin the long road to recovery.

    Hope and faith are echoed throughout the pages.

    It is a must read for anyone suffering with or affected by mental illness.

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Selections to make you #LOL

  • Nightmarriage


    For the month of October, the Nightmarriage eBook is free in celebration of two years of releases! Download it today!

    Chad Thomas Johnston’s Nightmarriage is a whimsical memoir that explores the terrors of marriage and the perils of parenthood. Adapted from Johnston’s blog series of the same name, Nightmarriage proves that, when two people marry, their flaws tie the knot, too. In essays such as “My Wife, the Black Hole,” “Hearts and Jumper Cables,” “Knives and Wives,” “Honeymoonwalking (to Jail),” and “Blessed Are the Tentmakers,” Johnston weaves stories on his literary loom that are equal parts luminous and lunatic.

    Writing as only a minister’s son with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder can, Johnston has crafted an observational ode to both the blunders and wonders of wedlock, and his writing is punctuated accordingly with absurd alliteration, appalling puns, and madcap metaphors. Nightmarriage is a must-read for fans of David Sedaris, Robert Fulghum, and Anne Lamott.


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  • Good Night, Sleep Tight: Dos & Don'ts for Bedbugs

    Have you ever known someone that is constantly getting into trouble or being injured by doing things that no one in their right mind would do? I know millions of them; Bedbugs.

    Good Night, Sleep Tight: Dos And Don’ts For Bedbugs explores the bizarre world of the bedbug’s mindset. Each entry in the “Don’t” section is an admonition to the reader to forbid the curious and often deleterious insect from engaging in its inexplicably unconventional doings.

    In the “Do” section, the reader is given a lengthy (but not exhaustive) directory of alternative activities to steer the bugs toward, as a device meant to preoccupy and divert them from the more harmful aspects of their penchants.

    Jam-packed with hours of outrageous amusement, this book will delight readers from young to old, guaranteed or double your parasites back.

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  • Call Me Clumsy


    You are about to embark on a truly weird, interesting, and entertaining experience...

    So begins the “odyssey of awkwardness” that is Call Me Clumsy, the my-life-so-far memoir of Matthew Weinrich. Through utterly humbling experiences that span the decades of his life, Weinrich provides anecdotes that are equally cringe-inducing and laugh-out-loud funny. From his experience as a consummate slacker to his marriage proposal gone horribly awry to an unfortunate run-in with the fine men and women of the TSA, Weinrich brings you along as he strolls down memory lane, for better or for worse.

    Ultimately, Weinrich gives us a heart-warming picture of the humility of a child of God who knows, without a doubt, that the old adage applies to him:

    God is God, and I am not...

    ...not even close.

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  • When the Roll is Called a Pyonder


    "With grace, humor, and sensitivity, Diana R. Zimmerman renders a traditional Mennonite farm family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, as seen through a child’s eyes and spoken in the hypnotic rhythms of a young girl’s voice. The spirited speaker develops a rich sense of herself and her community as she grows up in a conservative religious context where “help means spank,” and female children are reared for lives of obedience, modesty, and piety. This is a remarkably immediate work of memory and imagination—authentic, fair-minded, and unsentimental— suitable for readers of all ages."

    —Julia Spicher Kasdorf, author of Sleeping Preacher and The Body and the Book: Writing from a Mennonite Life

    "Diana R. Zimmerman has written a great American memoir. I was reminded of Huck Finn and Harriet the Spy and Jo March as I chuckled and gasped and laughed out loud through this book. You will love this little Mennonite girl, and she will lead you back to your own inner child. You will also start seeing the world through her eyes. You won't want this story to end."

    —Shirley Hershey Showalter, author of Blush: A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World

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eLectio Blog

  • eLectio Publishing is HIRING! +

    As the year has steadily progressed, we are proud to say that we are growing again. As you may already know, eLectio Publishing is a faith-based publisher that supports independent

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  • And the Winner Is . . . +

    Facebook Pic

    For those of you who have been with us for quite some time, and are part of our extended family, we want to always remain thankful for your support of

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  • Win a Kindle Fire HD 6 +

    It's that time of year again. And we're not just talking about the warmer weather.

    It's time for another eLectio Publishing giveaway, as our way of saying thank you to

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  • On the Value of Entertainment +

    Regardless of our individual backgrounds and regardless of what we believe politically and spiritually, most of us across the globe share at least some commonalities. We're often reminded of how

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  • On Faith, Family, and Laughter +

    It's Christmas Time and from all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas!

    For those of you who stop by from time to time, we hope you've been able

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What Authors Are Saying

  • Parker J. Cole

    "Working with eLectio has been a pleasure. They are professional, trustworthy, and fully vested in your product. eLectio stands behind you and your work. As an author, I could not have asked for a better publisher. Thank you for everything you've done for me and I look forward to a long and lasting partnership."

    -- Parker J. Cole, author of Many Strange Women

  • Lewis Ben Smith

    "I cannot say enough good things about eLectio. They were willing to take a chance on an unknown, first-time author and have been a delight to work with every step of the way! Here's to a long, blessed, and mutually profitable relationship!"

    -- Lewis Ben Smith, author of The Testimonium

  • Joanna Kurowska

    "You wouldn't believe how eLectio Publishing has grown since its inception two years ago. I have a warm spot in my heart for the company, because I believe I was one of their first authors, and it was such a wonderful experience."

    -- Joanna Kurowska, poet and author of The Wall & Beyond

  • Debbie Richard

    "I feel blessed to have found eLectio Publishing and I recommend them to other writers. eLectio did a wonderful job publishing my memoir in May. The final product was very professionally done and one that I was proud to share. They are very approachable and stand behind their authors, often with encouraging words. Thank you for helping make my dream come true!"

    -- Debbie Richard, author of Hills of Home

  • George Dalton

    "[eLectio Publishing has] done every single thing they promised me they would do and they did it when the said they would do it.... I pray that they will become a giant in the industry."

    -- George Dalton, author of A Collision of Dreams

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T. Marcus Christian


T. Marcus Christian is a writer of suspense and thrillers. At the Back of His Mind was part of a collection of stories titled Hold Your Breath, written as a part of his MFA thesis project. Marcus holds an MA and MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. He is also a professor and student of writing.

Christian discovered writing at an early age and got in trouble in class more than once for passing around a collection of comics he wrote and illustrated. Taking a cue from the meager success of the comic strip, he decided he would be a failed comic strip artist and, indeed, succeeded in failing. Someday there may be a collection of Christian's papers in some archives and, if he has anything to do with it, these comics will be hidden among the even less interesting elementary school drawings.

Christian also had a short film in the Cornerstone Film Festival in 2009 titled "Salvation" about a college professor who takes a break from reality after his life spirals out of control.

When he is not working, he spends his time with his wife Sarah and their two children. They live in Central Virginia.


At the Back of His Mind, short story (eLectio Publishing)

Never Prosper, short story (eLectio Publishing)


External Links

Twitter handle: @Writer_Marcus

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/T-Marcus-Christian/390961257644530

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