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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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New Releases

  • SARAH`S STORY by Theresa L. Smith

    Come back to the year 1967 and
    relive the life of a
    Tennessee mountain woman:
    Sarah Douglas Blankenship.

    Genealogy and history buffs alike will find Sarah’s Story enthralling. Sarah, born in 1898, overcomes incredible struggles and forms a special bond with her surroundings—most especially the mountains. Walk with Sarah through her pivotal life events as she experiences:

    • living with a coal miner in a coal camp.
    • her daughter working at Oak Ridge during WWII.
    • her village nearly burning down.
    • the grief and shock of her husband being sentenced to Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary for shooting a man.

    Sarah deals with the loneliness from the death of her husband and children, but shows readers how they can get up out of bed every day and see the beauty in everyday life.

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  • THE WAGER by Laura Lamy

    Cecilia Edgewood has lived all of her young life in the shadow of her ravishingly beautiful, but cruel, elder sister, Elizabeth. Cecilia’s budding romance with Theodore “Teddy” Brookwater had previously been undone by the lies of her elder sister. When Teddy is injured trying to fulfill an ill-advised wager, he is brought to Cecilia’s ancestral home at Edgewood Hall, and they are once again face to face.

    Can Cecilia seize this glorious opportunity to inspire love in Teddy’s bosom? And knowing that Elizabeth will again try everything in her power to separate the two innocent lovers, can Cecilia draw Teddy to her before Elizabeth’s return to Edgewood Hall? As Teddy lies unconscious, fighting for his life, can Cecilia find the courage and strength to do battle with Elizabeth—and win!

    More importantly, can Cecilia find the inner strength to avail herself of God’s grace and the timely aid of the new and interesting friends brought into her life?

    Read this touching story of love and faith and derring-do! You will be forever charmed by the tender love and dauntless courage of mild Cecilia Edgewood as she engages all enemies and obstacles in her battle to gain for herself the “Perfect and Forever Love.”

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  • THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM by Dennis R. Ayers

    Do modern Christians really know
    WHAT they believe and
    WHY they believe it?

    The mists of time and erroneous teaching have obscured the fact that we once knew the answers to the problems that now threaten to unravel our lives and our civilization. These traditional solutions are grounded upon a foundation of Judeo-Christian faith, values, ethics, and morality without which nothing else in Western civilization works as designed. The Beginning of Wisdom leads the reader to understand that Christianity is much more than a religion for Sundays and moments of crisis.

    Grounded in historical and biblical precedent, this book provides answers to many questions causing deep confusion in both the Christian faith and society in general. Written from a Christian worldview by an executive/attorney seasoned in the challenges of achieving success in a rapidly evolving culture, The Beginning of Wisdom is, in fact, a book about virtually everything that truly matters.

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  • MESSAGES FROM MY SISTER by Rita King (daughter of Blues legend B.B. King)

    Nothing breaks the bond of true sisterhood!

    Rita King, daughter of blues legend B.B. King, provides inspiration, motivation, and personal and spiritual empowerment as she shares deeply meaningful messages between her sister, Gydia \\\"Sunshine\\\" Haynes, and herself. Complete with personal commentary on the meaning and application of each letter, poem, card, and message, Rita illuminates what each reader can take away from this book to overcome everyday challenges and develop spiritual maturity.

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  • ZEPHYR by Jesse S. Greever


    In January 2013, author Jesse S. Greever introduced the world to Zephyr Hopkins, a character so fundamentally flawed that readers’ reactions to him were visceral.

    Pity. Hate. Fury. Outrage. Compassion.

    But what if the story was only a small part of a larger tale? What if everything readers thought about Zephyr was based on an incomplete rendering of his character?

    What if everyone was wrong about Zephyr Hopkins?

    In his new novel, Greever presents a newly updated and revised version of The Perdition of Zephyr Hopkins (the novella that started it all), and then smashes every expectation with twists and turns so dramatic, readers might need extra-strength Dramamine.

    One thing is for certain: when it comes to understanding Zephyr Hopkins . . .


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  • 360: A FULL CIRCLE by Dar Bryant


    Dar Bryant pulls no punches in this brutally honest and stunning memoir of a life that completes a full circle from Midwestern “good Christian boy” to one of Arizona’s “ten most wanted” back to servant of his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    When Bryant found himself facing twenty felony charges and possibly twenty-five years in prison, he resolved to turn his life around, no matter how long it took.

    It all beings with an encounter with Jesus;
    only then can the healing begin.

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Selections for Mom

  • Love, Momma D - Helping Parents Get to the Heart of Parenting From the Heart

    Parenting is about so much more than diapers, skinned knees, homework and curfews. Parenting is about being present; listening, talking, forgiving, asking for forgiveness and most of all, loving with that unconditional “just because you’re you” kind of love.

    Momma D, aka, Darla Noble, understands the joys and stresses of parenting and has years of experience as a mom and nanna to help you and your children enjoy (almost) every moment of every day. So whether you are looking for ways to help build your child’s sense of self-worth, solutions to issues with school, sibling rivalry, or just good common sense on how to teach those all-important life-lessons we all need to learn, Momma D is here for you.

    Love, Momma D is a book filled with the wit and wisdom every parent needs to be able to get to the heart of parenting from the heart.

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  • The Scent of Her


    The Scent of Her is a story about redemption, forgiveness and longing as told by a young girl who needed to mother her own mother. It is a poignant reflection of childhood images and desires within one of the most important of relationships, that of a mother and her daughter. The journey continues for the daughter as she becomes a mother herself, and she reaches toward extraordinary acceptance and understanding of the woman she loves; the woman who has loved her in the only way she could.

    It is a story of survival and it becomes an inspiring and heartwarming message of hope for relationships of all kinds.

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  • 10,000 Miles With 10,000 Reasons by Nancy Frantz



    10,000 Miles With 10,000 Reasons: A Journey into the Heart of Africa is a gripping memoir of an American couple’s extraordinary journey to adopt three orphaned children from a remote African village. A single correspondence between a thirteen-year-old African girl and an American couple ignited a spark that changed their world. It is a moving and emotional story about one girl’s adoption that blossomed into a quest to also rescue twin boys, and then, an entire village. This compelling, dramatic narrative relates the many, maddening obstacles the Frantzes faced. Listen in as their faith is refined through a long and thorny adoption process that spans two continents. Their mission widens powerfully when the Frantzes were driven to also save an entire village from starvation. It is a captivating human story about the power of faith, hope, and undying resolve.

    10,000 Miles With 10,000 Reasons is as much a story about the bond between a mother and daughter as it is about the lengths to which adoptive parents must go in their quest to bring their children home. This is a true story of a mother’s love that triumphs over insurmountable odds. You will laugh and cry as you relive Nancy’s riveting, emotional journey; you will also be challenged and, God-willing, you too will be called to action.

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  • Tangles and Plaques by Susan Cushman

    Culled from sixty blog posts spanning eight years, Tangles and Plaques is a candid account of a mother and daughter’s changing relationship as they face the progressive landscape of Alzheimer’s Disease together. As the twisted fibers (tangles) build up inside the nerve cells in her brain and the protein fragments (plaques) fill the spaces between those cells, Effie Johnson—like millions of others who suffer from Alzheimer’s—loses her memory, the stories that make up the fabric of her life.

    Blending humor (“I Can’t Find My Panties”) with pathos (“Disappearing Stories”) and hope with despair, Susan Johnson Cushman captures the personal within the universal in a story that reveals a complicated relationship between an often verbally abusive mother and a daughter hungry for her mother’s unconditional love. Part Polaroid, part cautionary tale, the reality woven throughout these records of long-distance caregiving is that the tangles and plaques aren’t only in our brains, but often in our relationships.

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  • Searched the World Over for Elie: An International Adoption Story

    “Crouching down, I reached out my hand to him. He walked the space of maybe a yard, placing his tiny hand in mine, and then we somehow melted into each other. With my arms around him, I felt like I’d been his mama forever, but also only for a minute. I’d loved him always, but was just now feeling his little body next to mine.”

    This inspiring, three-part story chronicles one American family’s adoption of a young boy from the faraway Democratic Republic of Congo. Readers accompany the family through the trying waiting period, intriguing time in Congo, and first adjustment years home. Guided by candid and expressive narration and interspersed with reflective questions for adopting parents, it delivers both a gripping human-interest story, and a valuable resource for adopting families. Amidst faith and humor, the struggles and surprises of international adoption come to light, as a family searches for their son and finds themselves along the way.

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eLectio Blog

  • eLectio Publishing is HIRING! +

    As the year has steadily progressed, we are proud to say that we are growing again. As you may already know, eLectio Publishing is a faith-based publisher that supports independent

    Read More
  • And the Winner Is . . . +

    Facebook Pic

    For those of you who have been with us for quite some time, and are part of our extended family, we want to always remain thankful for your support of

    Read More
  • Win a Kindle Fire HD 6 +

    It's that time of year again. And we're not just talking about the warmer weather.

    It's time for another eLectio Publishing giveaway, as our way of saying thank you to

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  • On the Value of Entertainment +

    Regardless of our individual backgrounds and regardless of what we believe politically and spiritually, most of us across the globe share at least some commonalities. We're often reminded of how

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  • On Faith, Family, and Laughter +

    It's Christmas Time and from all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas!

    For those of you who stop by from time to time, we hope you've been able

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What Authors Are Saying

  • Parker J. Cole

    "Working with eLectio has been a pleasure. They are professional, trustworthy, and fully vested in your product. eLectio stands behind you and your work. As an author, I could not have asked for a better publisher. Thank you for everything you've done for me and I look forward to a long and lasting partnership."

    -- Parker J. Cole, author of Many Strange Women

  • Lewis Ben Smith

    "I cannot say enough good things about eLectio. They were willing to take a chance on an unknown, first-time author and have been a delight to work with every step of the way! Here's to a long, blessed, and mutually profitable relationship!"

    -- Lewis Ben Smith, author of The Testimonium

  • Joanna Kurowska

    "You wouldn't believe how eLectio Publishing has grown since its inception two years ago. I have a warm spot in my heart for the company, because I believe I was one of their first authors, and it was such a wonderful experience."

    -- Joanna Kurowska, poet and author of The Wall & Beyond

  • Debbie Richard

    "I feel blessed to have found eLectio Publishing and I recommend them to other writers. eLectio did a wonderful job publishing my memoir in May. The final product was very professionally done and one that I was proud to share. They are very approachable and stand behind their authors, often with encouraging words. Thank you for helping make my dream come true!"

    -- Debbie Richard, author of Hills of Home

  • George Dalton

    "[eLectio Publishing has] done every single thing they promised me they would do and they did it when the said they would do it.... I pray that they will become a giant in the industry."

    -- George Dalton, author of A Collision of Dreams

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T. Marcus Christian


T. Marcus Christian is a writer of suspense and thrillers. At the Back of His Mind was part of a collection of stories titled Hold Your Breath, written as a part of his MFA thesis project. Marcus holds an MA and MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. He is also a professor and student of writing.

Christian discovered writing at an early age and got in trouble in class more than once for passing around a collection of comics he wrote and illustrated. Taking a cue from the meager success of the comic strip, he decided he would be a failed comic strip artist and, indeed, succeeded in failing. Someday there may be a collection of Christian's papers in some archives and, if he has anything to do with it, these comics will be hidden among the even less interesting elementary school drawings.

Christian also had a short film in the Cornerstone Film Festival in 2009 titled "Salvation" about a college professor who takes a break from reality after his life spirals out of control.

When he is not working, he spends his time with his wife Sarah and their two children. They live in Central Virginia.


At the Back of His Mind, short story (eLectio Publishing)

Never Prosper, short story (eLectio Publishing)


External Links

Twitter handle: @Writer_Marcus

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/T-Marcus-Christian/390961257644530

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